MovieLens Project Part 2

Baseline models are important for 2 key reaons:

  1. Baseline models give us a starting point to which to compare all future models, and
  2. Smart baselines/averages may be needed to fill in missing data for more complicated models

Here, we'll explore a few typical baseline models for recommender systems and …

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MovieLens Project Part 1

I'm beginning a project on the MovieLens dataset to learn about collaborative filtering algorithms. This is Part 1 of this project, where I do an initial exploratory data analysis to see what the data looks like. The remainder of this post is straight out of a Jupyter Notebook file you …

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Analyzing Larger-than-Memory Data on your Laptop

If you want to run some analysis on a dataset that's just a little too big to load into memory on your laptop, but you don't want to leave the comfort of using Pandas dataframes in a Jupyter notebook, then Dask may be just your thing. Dask is an amazing …

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