Data Science

Running Jupyter Lab Remotely

I'm a huge fan of Jupyter Notebooks, and I was very excited when I found out about Jupyter Lab, which provides a much more comprehensive user experience around Jupyter Notebooks. Here I share how to run Jupyter Lab efficiently on a remote machine. I have a research cluster where I do most of my analyses for my PhD work, and running Jupyter Lab directly on the cluster means I don't have to copy files between the cluster and my desktop.


Parameter Sweep Bash Script

In my polymer field theory research, often my studies involve running a bunch of simulations where I pick one or more input parameters and change them over a range of values, then compare the results of each separate simulation to see how that/those variable(s) affect the system I’m simulating. It can be very tedious to manually create input files for each job, so I wrote a bash script to help me out.